drawbacks of the rapid development of the domestic robot ind-利来国际网站
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drawbacks of the rapid development of the domestic robot ind-利来国际网站

source:unknow sentiment:published time:2016-09-27

in recent years, china wants to enter the pace of automation is more and more rapid, more and more enterprises to introduce automated production lines instead of artificial, and then improve the efficiency and yield of the same time to further reduce labor costs. this trend has brought profits to automation manufacturers, industrial robots are also beneficial products. china industrial robot market has expanded rapidly, high growth rate in domestic and international robot companies competing for domestic enterprises, but the robot was in a weak position, china's robot industry pain points completely unmasked.

technology foundation is weak

the biggest pain point of china's robot industry is undoubtedly caused by the weak technical foundation and the development of backward compared with foreign counterparts. in spite of the fact that our country began the research of the robot in 70s, it has achieved certain results, but the development of robot technology has been delayed due to various reasons. due to the current domestic and foreign products are the core components of the remaining gaps, industrial robots upstream products, precision gear, controller, servo system and high performance driver and other core components most dependent on imports. a member of the cppcc national committee, china electronics association secretary general xu xiaolan analysis, the current technical bottleneck in the field of robot in china is mainly reflected in three aspects: one is the speed reducer, servo motor drive and other core components, due to material wear resistance and strength, design, machining and assembly process and other restrictions on the reliability of the product. domestic and foreign competition. two is in the smart operation, sensing and intelligent core elements, sensors, the human brain chip, practical intelligent software and foreign technology gap significantly. the three is the concept behind the design, simulation environment test data closely with the accumulation of the industry is not enough, the lack of common technology platform data, application process and integrated design, operation and operation tools, system integration design software needs to be improved. the development of a solid foundation, like a lame walk, not fast.

low market acceptance

the market for core parts made of low acceptance of this technology, and proposed our country weak robot is closely related to the current domestic customers, "still do not accept the key part of domestic, unless it is a particularly good relationship." zhang wei said that although the price of domestic parts and components are cheap and state subsidies, but due to the low market acceptance, the whole machine manufacturers do not want to try. "robots sell yinianbanzai not a problem, after three or four years may focus on the outbreak. so we are more cautious." the key components of domestic customers, difficult to accept, the robot manufacturers have to zoupian jian feng. mechanical arm is one of the most common automation equipment in industrial production. "our company will produce the end effector of the robot arm, which is mainly carried out at the end of the manipulator for punching, welding, etc.. executive attention about 60 kilograms, if loading in domestic mechanical arm, it is not up to the person in charge of precision punching, welding requirements of a robot enterprise project said. the use of the robot system integrators chinese robot are mostly foreign brands, such as abb, kuka etc.. domestic brand market share is low.

disorderly and disorderly development

disorderly development development is a prominent problem in industrial development, since the state of the robot industry as a key development project, around the above robot project, build the robot industrial park, as of the first quarter of 2014, there are 36 city robot industry as local key development industry. robot project investment, long cycle, the market demand is not explosive, the rapid expansion of the same period in the short term, it will only bring overcapacity. because the domestic robot industry brands, the price range of only more atrophy through lower prices to grab market.

it is understood that there are more than 4 thousand robot companies in china, the vast majority are small businesses. these enterprises in the development process of the robot was mostly in the primary stage of replication, copycat and low technology, lack of core technology, although seemingly instantly made numerous products for the market, but there is no competition at all. that is, china's robot companies and the products of these companies are studying the existence of the products of this low quality, high number of barbaric growth.