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automatic assembly line

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automatic assembly line

in most assembly line equipment manufacturing process, usually the first to carry out a variety of parts of the processing and manufacturing, and then in the assembly of the product. this form of production is not only in the pipeline processing industry, the same applies to other products in the manufacturing process. automatic assembly line is a professional engaged in the production of the late products of various assembly, testing, marking, packaging and other processes of production equipment.

  operating objects and advantages

the object of automatic assembly line operations including various parts and components of the product, the final is finished or semi-finished products, suitable for product design, mature market demand is huge, the assembly process, long-term production of products, such as bearing, gear transmission, cigarettes, locks, food packaging etc..

the advantages of stable performance, less manpower, high production efficiency, low manufacturing cost of single product, minimum occupancy of the site and so on.

structure principle:

is very similar with the manual assembly line automation assembly line in the structure principle, in the manual assembly line operator is a worker, and the automatic assembly line is composed of a series of automated assembly to complete the plane assembly process. in addition to the typical linear form, in order to minimize the use of space, can also use a circular form, because the flat top chain conveyor line can turn freely, so it is very suitable for the circular production line delivery system.

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